Occasionally, I used to wonder what people thought when they were subjected to some of the material on this blog. Andrew Sherman’s comment questioning whether this story was completely true also resurrected this thought.

Most of the articles, posts, stories on this blog are based on truth. The vast majority are anecdotes recounting real-life events that actually happened to me, that my warped sense of humour finds amusing. Examples in this category:

Other posts are simultaneously technical and non-technical but merely an opportunity for a superb, ambiguous title.

Another category of posts are almost completely true but embellished, to a greater or lesser degree for comic effect, normally for the punchline/conclusion:

Sometimes I massage thoughts and ideas that would be too boring for a conventional blog entry. Imagine the tedium of a blog entry that reads ‘I really enjoy the BBC series: Dragon’s Den

  • do you ?’

A relatively small number are (obviously) complete, drug and drink induced, fiction. Normally characterised by silly names.

Single, weak attempt at satire. I always wanted to write for Private Eye.

The biggest compliment anyone has ever paid me was when Doug Burns commented ‘You refuse to sign-post things’. In fact, this was merely an observation on my blogging style but I took it as a compliment. In fact, I was so struck by this that I immediately put up a sign-post with this very quote above my desk.

You don’t need smiley faces dotted everywhere telling you where to smile or laugh inwardly.

You don’t need to understand all of the lyrics.

You need to be left thinking ‘What on earth was that all about ?’