In the 1980’s, some ladies chose to wear dark trouser suits and blouses in an effort to match their male counterparts in the workplace. This fad was known as ‘power dressing’.

One of my least favourite films is ‘What Women Want’ starring Mel Gibson. I also thought Kurt Cobain looked pretty cool in a dress and Dave Grohl managed to carry off wearing a bra (and a baseball cap) without looking ridiculous.

So, in the interests of equality and as a concerted effort to break down social and gender stereotyping, I decided to visit a client today wearing a dress. It started out pretty well with several wolf-whistles from builders on the way to the station.

However, it simply took me an age to arrange everything in the right place to get my photograph taken for my visitors pass and people tended to stare at me, look distractedly out of the window and avoid eye contact (more than usual).

The whole exercise was a very interesting experiment but, suffice to say, one that won’t be repeated.

The disciplinary hearing is on Friday afternoon which also means I will miss the Christmas party. Sigh.