The annual Brightside family vacation in Norway is now over and the nominations for ‘Highlight of the Holiday’ have just been received:

Norma - ‘The fantastic scenery, the awesome mountains and unspolit beauty of the fjords coupled with the feeling of absolute peace, solitude and tranquility.’

Norman - ‘The 3 hour hike on the Jostedalsbreen glacier with spiked boots, roped together in a group, taking in stunning views back down the mountain, sticking an ice-axe into ice that is thousands of years old.’

Norman Junior III - ‘When I drove the motor boat at full speed, head on, into the wake of the massive fishing trawler to ride the waves and Mum got absolutely soaked, gathered her composure, turned around and then got absolutely soaked (again).’

Norma Jean - ‘When Norman Junior came into the jetty too fast and ignored Dad saying ‘That’s fine. Just stop the engine now. Turn the engine off now. Kill the engine now. I SAID - KILL THE BLOODY ENG - AARRGGHH’ and Dad fell out of the boat.