GoToSocial 0.6.0(rc1) upgrade

Flushed after the success of getting GoToSocial 0.5.2 working successfully, I was about to celebrate with a cup of tea when this post appeared in my timeline about the release of 0.6.0 (Release Candidate 1). Good morning everyone! We just cut the first release candidate for v0.6.0 of GoToSocial: v0.6.0-rc1. There’s a preposterous amount of changes included in this one (we’ll do a proper organized list when we do the release proper)....

November 29, 2022

the curious case of the 'More' tag

I am not sure I like this increasing but irritating use of the ‘More’ or ‘Sensitive Content’ tag on Mastodon. From a cursory glance, I can’t even see how to add it from the Web interface. I’m not sure whether it’s enforced by the Mastodon instance or actively selected by the user. I presume it’s the latter. Microblogging to supposed to be short, snappy and spontaneous. I understand why sensitive media content might merit another key click (to protect the children) but if you’re posting about politics, I’d really rather see all the content in one fell swoop and then I would feel free to choose to ignore it....

June 11, 2020

the death of Open Micro Blogging

It’s fair to say it took me a while to fully ‘get’ microblogging. In fact, initially Twitter left me as cold as a corpse in a deep freeze. Inevitably, things change and like an old woman, I reserve the right to change my mind more frequently than my underpants, and in 2008, I started using Twitter to post a continuous bytestream of inane drivel in less than 140 characters. Last July, when identi....

April 1, 2009

how to make 131 friends on in 14 hours

Don’t bother with my slow, tortuous methods, Just be Stephen Fry.

November 28, 2008

how to make 100 friends on in 14 days

Look for people with similar interests. Look at the friends of people you have just followed. Look out for people who have criteria for following others e.g. ‘I will only consider following you if you have ever replied to me (and made me laugh out loud)’. Satisfying the first is easy, the latter less so. Scan the Public time line. Occasionally, you will find a gem in the fast flowing river....

July 16, 2008