Flushed after the success of getting GoToSocial 0.5.2 working successfully, I was about to celebrate with a cup of tea when this post appeared in my timeline about the release of 0.6.0 (Release Candidate 1).

Good morning everyone! We just cut the first release candidate for v0.6.0 of GoToSocial: v0.6.0-rc1.

There’s a preposterous amount of changes included in this one (we’ll do a proper organized list when we do the release proper).

If you feel adventurous and up for helping us out with finding any bugs/regressions in the release, please have a go on the release candidate and let us know if you find any weirdness :)

Funnily enough, the upgrade process was one I was considered and was keen to understand so obviously, I just leapt in and attempted the upgrade.

# systemctl stop nginx
# systemctl stop gotosocial
# mv /opt/gotosocial /opt/gotosocial-0.5.2
# mkdir /opt/gotsocial
# cd /opt/gotosocial
# wget https://github.com/superseriousbusiness/gotosocial/releases/download/v0.6.0-rc1/gotosocial_0.6.0-rc1_linux_arm64.tar.gz
# tar xvf gotosocial_0.6.0-rc1_linux_arm64.tar.gz
# cp ../gotosocial-0.5.2/sqlite.db .
# cp ../gotosocial-0.5.2/config.yaml .
# mkdir storage
# cp -rv ../gotosocial-0.5.2/storage /opt/gotosocial
# chown -R gotosocial:gotosocial /opt/gotosocial
# systemctl start gotosocial
# systemctl status -l gotosocial
# systemctl start nginx

Then I examined the GoToSocial log file to see if the database migrations had been executed OK.

timestamp="29/11/2022 11:38:43.364" func=bundb.sqliteConn level=INFO msg="connected to SQLITE database"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.473" func=bundb.doMigration level=INFO msg="MIGRATED DATABASE TO group #2 (20221006114842_add_rss_functionality, 20221011125732_refetch_updated_emojis, 20221031145649_emoji_c\
ategories, 20221108142419_create_account_tombstones)"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.479" func=bundb.(*adminDB).CreateInstanceAccount level=INFO msg="instance account footy.social already exists"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.479" func=bundb.(*adminDB).CreateInstanceInstance level=INFO msg="instance entry already exists"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.479" func=concurrency.NewWorkerPool level=INFO msg="worker.Worker[messages.FromClientAPI] created with workers=4 queue=400"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.479" func=concurrency.NewWorkerPool level=INFO msg="worker.Worker[messages.FromFederator] created with workers=4 queue=400"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.487" func=concurrency.NewWorkerPool level=INFO msg="worker.Worker[*media.ProcessingMedia] created with workers=4 queue=40"
timestamp="29/11/2022 11:40:01.487" func=concurrency.NewWorkerPool level=INFO msg="worker.Worker[*media.ProcessingEmoji] created with workers=4 queue=40"

Login to the GTS Admin interface to check the version and, much to my surprise, success. The GTS version in the footer is ‘GoToSocial 0.6.0-rc1 git-97f5453’.