I am not sure I like this increasing but irritating use of the ‘More’ or ‘Sensitive Content’ tag on Mastodon. From a cursory glance, I can’t even see how to add it from the Web interface.

I’m not sure whether it’s enforced by the Mastodon instance or actively selected by the user. I presume it’s the latter. Microblogging to supposed to be short, snappy and spontaneous.

I understand why sensitive media content might merit another key click (to protect the children) but if you’re posting about politics, I’d really rather see all the content in one fell swoop and then I would feel free to choose to ignore it.

You really don’t need to put introduce your wonderful, world beating, gonna go viral post with tags

#politics #rant

and then take the trouble and waste your time to add a ‘^L’ style teaser

‘Show More’

….which when clicked then reveals

I think all lives matter.

…because that is just one line and I have had to waste 0.8 seconds to hit a key to read your banal, trite one liner.

If you truly have a thought provoking rant or have produced a lengthy essay on the current political situation or some new, insightful thoughts on Covid 19, then either write a blog or consider doing a degree in PPE.

That stands for ‘Philosophy, Politics and Economics’ not ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ BTW.

Edit: Turns out this is trivial to disable these teasers in the Mastodon Web client simply by setting the preference ‘Always show media marked as sensitive’. RTFM.