Great news. Bill Gates has heeded my advice and I will be able to purchase Vista online and download the media. This means that I no longer have to buy an expensive box full of fresh air from Microsoft.

Burning a DVD is probably still recommended just in case the seamless Windows upgrade fails and I discover, to my horror, that none of my drivers work any more and I have to format the hard disk in order to boot the computer.

However, I take a similar attitude to risk averse Siebel customers contemplating the recently released 8.0. I have a large and demanding customer base (son and daughter) and an integrator who wastes all my hard-earned money (wife) with a perceived requirement for 7x24 operation and high availability.

On reflection, it’s probably better to let other idiots people suffer the pain and iron all the glitches out before I take the plunge when SP1 is released.

That reminds me; I really must ring my Dad tonight and warn him not to do anything stupid.