I am not overly surprised the Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan educates people about how to assemble explosive devices and avoid detection by security forces in addition to tips on identifying soft targets. The hands-on lab exercises (days 4-5) will undoubtedly assist with providing riveting content for suicide notes and how to get the soft lighting right for your exit video.

All of this hard work will be ultimately worthwhile because there is the promise of eternal martyrdom and 99 vestal virgins dressed in white lingerie. The highly prestigious Terrorist Certificated Professional (TCP) qualification will also be presented to all successful candidates on completion of the course.

However, I am a little surprised the terrorist training course also includes ‘How to negotiate a discount for bulk purchases of hydrogen peroxide.’

Turning your back, as you prepare to meet your maker and detonate your device, to face a mother with a baby in a push-chair is pretty mean hearted too.

In most civilised countries, a mob would have pursued and savagely attacked the fleeing bombers. In London, a middle-aged lady said ‘Excuse me. You appear to have dropped something out of your rucksack’ and held up a 6 inch nail and ball bearing.