Netflix lockdown list

There’s nothing worse than yet another lockdown Netflix list. Sons Of Anarchy Heard about this series from Linux Outlaws many years ago. Jax Teller is a very handsome man. I am convinced he is the bastard son of Kurt Cobain and Brad Pitt. A decent series about biker gangs in California that inevitably features gratuitous violence and goes through peaks and troughs (the season when they went to Ireland was very weak)....

May 19, 2020

Grimm Viewing

‘Is this Grimm ?’ ‘No’ ‘Adventures of New Grimm ?’ ‘No’ ‘New adventures of Grimm ?’ ‘No’ ‘New: Adventures of New Grimm ?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Is this a repeat ?’ ‘No’

June 4, 2014


I really enjoyed this comedy co-written by Steve Coogan. The opening sequence features Coogan struggling to keep his calm in an ‘Anger Management’ course and is always hilarious. Unfortunately, the final episode of the series was on Monday night but, no doubt, it will be endlessly repeated on BBC3 in the near future.

August 2, 2006

Lost - computer mystery solved

On message boards and blogs around the interweb, fans of the TV series ‘Lost’ are discussing the many, different storylines speculating about what is actually going on and proposing far fetched theories. One such undercurrent is the periodic entry of a secret code ‘4 8 15 16 23 42’ into a computer located in an undergound bunker. People want to know what will happen if the code is not entered....

July 12, 2006

probably the funniest TV show ever

The Armstrongs is a BBC2 fly on the wall documentary about a small, family owned double glazing company in Coventry. While this subject doesn’t sound too inspiring, the program is absolutely hilarious. Last week, the husband and wife owners travelled to France in an attempt to diversify and increase dwindling sales. Amazingly, they chose to translate their business proposition using Babelfish which may be adequate for children’s homework but resulted in an unfortunate translation of ‘conservatory’ to ‘music academy’....

March 8, 2006