The Armstrongs is a BBC2 fly on the wall documentary about a small, family owned double glazing company in Coventry.

While this subject doesn’t sound too inspiring, the program is absolutely hilarious. Last week, the husband and wife owners travelled to France in an attempt to diversify and increase dwindling sales.

Amazingly, they chose to translate their business proposition using Babelfish which may be adequate for children’s homework but resulted in an unfortunate translation of ‘conservatory’ to ‘music academy’. Consequently, the subtitles revealed that couple asked their French prospects:

‘Are there a lot of music academies in France ?’

A van driver crashed into the bosses’ expensive, prized Jaguar and then wisely chose to resign on the spot.

And we await with baited breath, the update on the young man who joined the company and immediately asked for time off to participate in the World Championships of Othello.