People often write in and ask ‘Norman - just what is this mysterious “Music For Sheep” playlist of which you speak ?’

‘Music For Sheep’ is my favourite music playlist of all time. It has provided solace and hope during some pretty bleak times. The playlist is ironically named as a tribute to all the social music sharing services like Spotify and which encourage sharing of your favourite bands, music and playlists. This is a novelty for 12 minutes but, ultimately a bit irrelevant because, as I remarked way back in 2006:

‘You like your music. I like my music. We may share some common interests but it really doesn’t matter’.

So why am I posting this ? Well, because initially I created this playlist on my Android phone for walks around the park and then it got erased when I had to reset the phone.

Then I used Google Music to store the crucial list of songs for eternity but I was subsequently so horrified to find this service sync’ed everything but playlists (coupled with the demise of Google Reader), I chose to delete the bulk of my Google services.

Then I had a brain wave and created a DokuWiki - primarily to store this playlist. But then I let my hosting lapse in favour of Amazon S3 so I found myself re-creating it yet again.

Here it is - salvaged from an old DokuWiki backup - not for you as much as for me.

  • Falling Down - Oasis
  • She Just Wants To Be - R.E.M.
  • These Wooden Ideas - Idlewild
  • Crush On You - Brakes
  • Sappy (live) - Nirvana
  • Little By Litle - Oasis
  • Cuyahoga - R.E.M.
  • Pilsner Trail - The Fall
  • Conversation 16 - The National
  • D-7 - Nirvana
  • There There - Radiohead
  • Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks - The National
  • Here And Now - Ride
  • Mistake Pageant - Idlewild
  • Carrion - British Sea Power
  • Spank Thru (live) - Nirvana
  • The Lord’s Prayer - Siousxie And The Banshees
  • Simple Stuff - Echo And The Bunnymen

Slightly skewed with two songs from The National and surprisngly nothing from The Smiths or The Chameleons (who I always list in my favourite bands together with The Fall).