1. Describing your state of mind. I really don’t care whether you are happy, sad, somewhere inbetween or suicidal because your girlfriend dumped you.

  2. Describing your state of health. I really don’t want to read about your flu like symptoms, your hangover, your runny nose or your migraine headache. Otherwise you will give me one.

  3. Telling me what music you are listening to. You like your music. I like my music. We may share some common interests but it really doesn’t matter.

  4. Playing me your music. It is more likely that we won’t share musical tastes so please don’t force your music onto me. Particularly, if it is your own work with your mates.

  5. Crazy, colourful Flash animations. I may have a headache too. This may make it worse.

  6. Dull, boring tedious lists of (del.icio.us) links. At least, annotate them with why they are interesting to you.

  7. Pleading and begging for ‘Comments’ by asking a question at the end of the article. For example, ‘So what you all think about Google Operating System ?’ or ‘So what 4 blogging tools would you pack up and take to a desert island ?’.