Frustrated at the inability of Google to provide a simple sync process that works for disparate versions of Chrome and Chromium browsers, I decided to adopt a pragmatic approach, return to Victorian values and go back to using a Web based bookmarks service.

Way back, in 2005, I evaluated three different bookmarking services and dismissed Delicious, mainly on the grounds of the user interface design of the home page which, according to me, ’looks like an undergraduate knocked it up during a lunch hour’. This was a little rich from someone with no design experience whatsoever but still.

Seven years have passed though and now my requirements are slightly different. I use three different computers (desktop, work laptop and netbook) and different Web browsers (Firefox and Chromium). In addition, I consume content (Google Reader, Google Plus and on an Android phone so the requirement is for a reliable Chromium extension, Firefox addon and Android application, that simply supports posting and searching, for the bookmarking service.

In the intervening period, I had also played with diigo and this service is still available but leaning towards a Premium model (free basic service with paid for add ons and additional features).

All the cool cats currently tend to favour Pinboard which has a simple business model - a one-off fee that gradually increases as more users join the service. The current fee stands at $9.90 but I can hardly justify that for what is essentially a private dump of bookmarks as I would make limited use of the sharing and discovery elements.

So that was easy - delicious was aquired and subsequently sold by Yahoo! and have thankfully lost the silly name which now simply redirects to

I am using the following delicious tools: