Memories of the annual summer vacation are now fading, the digital photos have been rationalised and printed, the video footage remains on the camcorder (thankfully) and the entries for ‘Holiday Highlights’ have now been received and short-listed.

Norma - ‘So many memories. Catching up with friends and family, the climate, the lifestyle, The awesome scenery of the Bungle Bungles, the idyll that is Hamilton Island, sailing to Freemantle, cuddling a Koala, the endless miles of white sand and blue sky at Cable Beach.’

Norman - ‘When Norma spotted the first kangeroo in the wild but couldn’t tell anyone because she was squatting down in the bush, having a pee.’

Norman Junior III - ‘When we were having that lovely Aussie sing-song on the 4x4 truck, we ran out of songs and there was a brief silence until Dad piped up with ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner.’

Norma Jeane - ‘Free Internet access and those little drawers where you can charge cameras, phones and iPods at Singapore airport.’

Auntie Vera - ‘When Norma mounted the kerb while driving the beach buggy on Hamilton Island. And nearly ran that lady over.