British Airways, shocked at missing out last year’s trophy, have launched a superlative campaign for 2008.

Agency: Itchy & Scraatchi. Cost: £25,000 found in a digger after the completion of T5. Gate 3 - Newcastle airport.

Together we can work wonders

Off to a gentle modest start.

Together we can get people talking about T5

That is certainly true.

Together we can make T5 world famous

Some wag has added a prefix of ‘in’.

Together we can keep people smiling

Most people smile, dumped in Vancouver 17 hours late with no clean shirts and underpants, don’t they ?

Together we can keep things moving

Well most things with the exception of the baggage carousels.

…and the final, closing, crowning glory.

Together we can get off to a flying start

Honestly, if you made it up, people wouldn’t believe you.