I like Robert Scoble. While I don’t always agree with him and I have a love-hate relationship with his laugh, his blog is worth reading and he posts some varied and interesting videos but one thing is obvious.

The guy has a real passion for technology and writing. On occasions, he is subjected to vitriolic comments, hurtful criticism and abuse that is completely unjustified but he calmly takes it all in his stride and rarely retaliates.

Scoble is a family man and has a lovely wife. Indeed, he is a very lucky man. As I recall, my wife didn’t have the forethought and love to buy me an expensive digital cameraimage hours before she went into labour. Inevitably, Scoble will be posting live updates of his wife’s lengthy and arduous labour via Twitter. I’m surprised he isn’t live streaming the whole event.

Another ‘A’ lister recently admitted to hospital was Dave Winer. Unfortunately, Dave repeatedly broke rule two, regaling us all with updates on his state of health.

3 September - The saga begins…

‘Had to take a break, I got a really bad cold, the flu, not sure what – but it knocked me down. I had a fever, nasty cough, wheezing, and it was getting worse so fast that I went to the emergency room at a Berkeley hospital, where they gave me something to control the cough and help me sleep, and today I feel much better.’

6 September - Our hopes are briefly raised. Don’t laugh. This is a disease !

‘Yesterday was the first feel-good day after a horrible bout with whatever it was that hit me and dragged me under. But Naked Jen, who said she had the same disease, warned against believing you’re better when you start feeling better.’

8 September - Our hopes are dashed but at least Dave received my email of support.

‘I’ve gotten email from people who are concerned. Thanks for the concern. Yes, I have seen a doctor, even went to the hospital to get chest x-rays. I don’t have pneumonia. Just a realllly bad cold. A monster proportioned cold. It attacks everything but my sense of humor.’

9 September - My diagnosis is that this is not merely a heavy cold. This is a life threatening bout of man-flu.

‘It’s been a really interesting morning, in a sick kind of way (that is, I’m still really sick, coughing and wheezing, rasping and sneezing).’

10 September - Dave manages to summon the strength to type a blog post with no mention of his health.

11 September - A nation sighs with relief.

‘Feeling much better today. Health is beginning to return. I owe it all to patience, lots of sleeping, drinking fluids, and not trying to be healthy before I actually am. Today I’m going to take a 20 minute easy walk in the sun.’

Winer by name. Whiner by nature.