OK. I couldn’t resist any longer. Scoble’s recent post about this killer Google Reader application forced me to sign up for yet another pointless, short-lived, social network, Web 2.0 application - Facebook.

I was keen to preserve my ‘Johnny Come Lately’ status and was relieved to find, coincidentally, that Donncha had signed up just ahead of me so I am now confirmed as the very last person in the world to sign up for Facebook.

Scoble’s right. Mario Romero’s Google Reader application is blissfully simple and lets you browse friends’ shared items and aggregates the most popular shared items. Once it gets enough traction, this application will indeed be ‘Digg for intelligent people’ (and me).

Facebook is better than LinkedIn because it’s more human and it’s more fun. That senior partner at Accenture with a tedious, dry 6 page CV can now be seen half-naked, pole dancing in Bangkok, juggling firesticks, laughing and simultaneously drinking a colourful cocktail through a novelty straw.

Facebook is aimed at a teenage audience and people who snigger at ‘Poke Norman !’ and I do have some difficulty with people writing graffiti on my ‘wall’.

For example, some cheeky Irish builder wrote this: ‘Urgently needs re-pointing. Can do you a deal if you get your drive done at the same time.’