The 80’s pop star - Prince - simultaneously delighted both his fans and horrified the music industry with his shock inclusion of a disposable CD with a leading (shurely shome mishtake) UK Sunday newspaper.

Norman Brightside, an avid Daily Mail reader, was absolutely delighted with the complimentary inclusion of ‘Planet Earth’ with his £1.40 Mail on Sunday.

‘I simply love ‘The Artiste Formerly Known As Prince’. Whenever I get invited to a fancy dress or themed party, guess who I always go as ? With this latest gift from The King (geddit?), we really are ‘going to party like it is 1999’. I had heard a rumour that his latest CD would cost £8.99 and include a free copy of the Daily Mail but this surpasses all my expectations. Let’s go crazy !’ ‘I am hosting a dinner party on December 18. Normally, I like to get things underway with some David Gray, bread-sticks and dips followed by Dire Straits and amusingly shaped carrots that resemble human genitalia. However, this free copy of ‘Planet Earth’ will make an ideal ice-breaker and help initiate stimulating conversation for at least 3 minutes.’

‘My wife isn’t quite so happy. She drove the ‘Little Red Corvette’ round all the newsagents and bought 153 copies of the Mail on Sunday because she thought she was getting a free CD single featuring the Duran Duran single of the same name. She is now suing Associated Newspapers for compensation as she hurt her back lifting the pile of newspapers into the recycling bin.’