Welcome to the long delayed and much anticipated issue 2 of ‘Recycle Pool’.

We did have a world famous guest writer lined up for this month’s edition but, unfortunately, he got cold feet and decided to pull out at the last minute.

Eddie Awad gets ready to tumble by sharing interesting snippets from his feeds and travels on the Web.

Graham decides to start a technical blog focussed on three letter acronyms (CRM and SOA). Brave man, particularly as his wife is expecting a new arrival - imminently.

I wonder if Graham will manage to find the time to mend his RSS feed and upgrade to the recently released Movable Type V4.

Stephen confirms something I have suspected for a long time: ‘I was always more of a Buzzcock than a Sex Pistol’.

Douglas Burns conjures up a superlative blog, including photos, summarising the fun and frolics at the Miracle database forum in Edinburgh. Sounds like my sort of conference.

Kevin Burton wonders why the latest release of Emacs was six years in the oven. The answer is simple: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Diamond Geezer (pseudonym alert) is lucky enough to be participating in a trial with access to every BBC program broadcast in the last week.

Andy Campbell makes a welcome return to blogging, migrates from Blogger to Wordpress and adopts the stylish Drupal theme.

Paul Stamatiou designs a new logo for his blog. I bet he would have cost somewhat less than £400,000 and could undoubtedly produce something better than this montrosity.

Adam Ostrow concedes that further resistance is futile and Google now owns his soul.