London, near England. 1 December 2006

Brightside Productions proudly announce the launch ‘From The Murky Depths Of The Recycle Pool.’

This innovative blog series will round up the latest happenings from the blogosphere with a sideways glance at Oracle. The blog will feature a variety of exciting formats including articles, podcasts, video blogs and live satellite links. Assuming I get that microphone, Webcam and satellite dish for Christmas that is.

‘Recycle Pool’ will be authored by a succession of guest contributors including CEO’s of leading technology companies, penniless Web 2.0 developers, ‘B’ listers, long standing subscribers to ‘Blog In Isolation’, dead pop stars, retired footballers and famous libel lawyers.

‘Recycle Pool’ will only be available as a beta to a limited number of subscribers for a small fee of £25 per month. The blog will be available in all popular RSS formats and an easy to digest email digest. For a small additional charge, the guest author will come round to your house and read the content to you. Travel costs and all expenses are billable.

Top London marketing agency, Scratchy and Scratchy, were paid 3 million pounds to come up with a marketing campaign, corporate branding, logo and tagline. All their efforts were discarded in favour of:

‘Drudged from the bottom, read into memory, processed and immediately discarded.’

Stay tuned for the upcoming first article which will be written by the most avid reader of ‘Blog In Isolation.’ For over a year, this subscriber has stayed with the blog through thick and thin, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. He has devoured every single article. He religiously visits the site every single day without fail. He reads comments, categories, archives, trackbacks.

Sometimes, he obsessively re-reads the same article again and again. However, this gentleman is a little shy and, to date, has never summoned up the courage to comment. So, it is with great pleasure that, after weeks of high powered negotiations in a Travel Lodge Hotel outside Oxford and a clandestine meeting at a motorway service station, I am pleased to announce the identity of the first guest: > Mr. Google Bot