Doug Burns has a new job and is spending some time in Canada, hugging his new colleagues. Like most roving consultants holed up in lonely, bland, nondescript hotel rooms with only an ironing board, TV and mini-bar for company (oh sorry that’s me not Doug), Doug’s thoughts inevitably starts to turn to loved ones back at home (including his cuddly toys and music collection).

Fed up with the banality of Radio Ottawa, Doug recently pleaded for suggestions and recommendations for new music. Unfortunately this desperate plea met with a deathly silence from Oracle types purely interested in his detailed investigations into the optimal degree of parallelism.

More recently, it would appear that homesickness coupled with the extreme cold is affecting his brain. He is now listening to ‘The Proclaimers’ and viewing questionable videos on YouTube.

So, to preserve poor Doug’s sanity and seed some new ideas, I have painstakingly recorded full details of my vinyl record collection which was sold to a second hand record shop last January for £20.

Obviously, this eclectic collection merely reflects my antique collection of vinyl so I also resurrected my account in an effort to reflect more recent musical tastes.

Stay tuned for a complete listing of all my bootleg tapes in the next exciting edition.