‘A change of speed, a change of style A change of scene, with no regrets '

I simply couldn’t take any more so I reluctantly handed in my resignation yesterday. I have moved my blog to another cheap hosting provider, Bluehost. If this ends in tears, then I swear I am reverting to hosted WordPress. As Steve Redgrave once said ‘If you ever see me signing up with another cheap hosting provider, shoot me !’

The migration was pretty straightforward. This time, I just imported the complete mySQL database so all my posts, comments, plugins, themes, extensions and hacks were preserved. Internal links didn’t need fixing up. I also downloaded a copy of the Dreamhost Web site as a backup.

The only package that failed to arrive safely was MediaWiki (which needs PHP5) as Bluehost currently supports PHP 4.4 and mySQL 4.1 but PhpWiki is available.

Still, Gregarius works fine and Drupal is available as a one-click (rather than custom) install. Some you win, some you lose.

While the DNS changes are still propagating around the Interweb, I found a useful note in the knowledge base which enabled me to configure the raw URL to configure and check the Wordpress configuration.