Last night as I waited for the baggage carousel to leap into action at Terminal 1, I heard a familiar voice speaking on his phone. I looked round and there was a very familiar face - the face of Michael Aspel.

Then I started thinking about all the celebrities and superstars I have seen over the years

Walked past Martin Buchan with mouth open (mine not his) on Deansgate.

Tommy Docherty signed a pack of MUFC matches for me in a Chinese restaurant in Wilmslow.

Temporary job at NatWest bank where I…

  • Printed up cheque books with the girlfriend of Norman Whiteside.
  • Gave ‘Rita Fairclough’ the balance of her current account.

Spotted members of The Fall (minus Mark and Brix) having a quiet, pre-match drink in the student union bar at Warwick University.

Flew to Sydney in 1990 with the Australian cricket team. The novelty of Merve Hughes’ suggestive comments to BA stewardesses, his loud and repeated demands for alcohol and generally obnoxious behaviour soon wore off. In fact, it wore off 10 minutes into the 9 hour flight. Thankfully Alan Border had a quiet word in his moustache.

Saw George Best in a King’s Road pub.

Made John Inverdale a cup of tea in my kitchen.

Chatted with Mark Burgess before a Chameleons gig.

And, err, that’s it.