A long time ago, there was a unique band called The Chameleons who hailed from Middleton, Manchester.

Like a lot of bands, The Chameleons made some records, built up a dedicated following, played lots of gigs and then split up.

Like a lot of bands, The Chameleons reformed.

Like a lot of bands, The Chameleons made some more records, played some more gigs and then split up (again).

However, unlike a lot of bands, the lead singer, Mark Burgess, once went to a private individual’s house and played at their birthday party.

Now, I don’t like to namedrop but I met Mark Burgess once. It was just before a gig at The Garage in Highbury. I had a very brief chat about his life in Hamburg, United’s prospects against Bayer Leverkeusen in the semi, ticket sales and whether he could put me on the guest list.

Years before that, I also had an email exchange with him. I forget most of the details but will always remember his response to my ‘God - it really was you’ which was ‘Please don’t call me God, plain Mark will do’.