Norton Internet Security

Our love affair began back in the days of running a cable across my bedroom for my meagre dialup connection and the protection (Firewall, Virus Checker) you offered. After that. I felt obliged to renew my subscription every July.

Each new version looked very similar and you hardly ever notified me of viruses or security breaches. Maybe you eliminated them all ruthlessly and silently but for 35 GBP per year, you need to ‘add value’.

Tonight, I was shocked to discover that your ‘CCPROXY.EXE’ application was consuming more than half my paltry 512 MB of memory and spinning the CPU at 100% when I am trying to watch important music videos.

I wouldn’t mind but that is with ‘Norton Internet Security’ disabled !

So, farewell then, Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus. Thanks to Tim Hall, I am now using the freely available AVG and the firewall provided with my Linksys wireless router.