Look at this gentleman’s very amusing profile on LinkedIn.

Look at his modest, self-deprecating description - ‘I hate it when our friends become successful’. Such a refreshing change from some of the pretentiousness you usually find.

This is the title of one of my favourite Morrissey songs. If only space had permitted the author to add ’especially when they’re Northern’.

Now look at his employment record and the impressive list of high powered job roles he has fulfilled for major blue chips in an exciting and varied career spanning over 20 years in IT:

  • Junior Programmer (AmberPoint)
  • Dogsbody (Kenamea)
  • Ringleader (Sun)
  • Plumber (Forte)
  • Fitter (Sybase)
  • Jack of All Trades (Ingres)

Now take a look at the same gentleman’s blog and profile picture. At last, you have encountered an American with a sense of humour.

Until you realise he’s another music and football loving Brit who crossed the water.