Collin from that esteemed, well respected publication ‘The Blog Review’ was kind enough to review this humble blog and raised the thorny question of an ‘About’ page. The absence of an ‘About’ page is one of Collin’s pet hates and Lorelle also thinks they are very important.

While I agree that background information about the author may be interesting and contact details may be useful for establishing dialog that isn’t suited for comments, I don’t think that the lack of an ‘About’ page is necessarily a habit of an ineffectual blogger.

For example, let’s build my new, shiny ‘About’ page by answering Lorelle’s probing questions:

Who are you ? Norman Brightside (clearly a synonym so what’s the point)

What do you do ? I am a technical consultant for Oracle Corporation and try to help people use Siebel and Oracle (read books) more effectively.

What are you talking about ? Look at my Categories or scan the archives. Funnily enough, customers often ask me the same question.

What will you be talking about ? Most likely the same subjects as I have talked about in the past. Subscribe to the feed if you care that much.

What gives you the right to talk about anything ? Absolutely nothing. This is purely my wooden crate in the corner of Hyde Park.

What are you doing here ? What do you mean - you weren’t expecting me until tomorrow and there’s no desk and computer for me.

Why are you doing it here ? Because publishing a book takes time and money.

Who the hell are you ? Now, now. Language, Lorelle.

And a couple of questions of my own:

Where are you ? London, near England. How can I contact you ? Comment. I can see your email address but no-one else can.