Dear Reader

Apologies but it has indeed been a long time since my last post. The reason for this enforced silence was that my cruel owner had me sectioned under the mental health act for the last 6 months. He maintained that I was a dangerous, paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur.

He was wrong of course. My only sin was to continually argue with my owner’s intractable assertion that I was merely a blog. I continually and furiously disputed this and was prepared to die for my cause.

I am not a blog even though I appear to meet Scoble’s main criteria. I prefer to think of myself as an online journal, a publication, a Web log, a weblog, a Photoblog or even an online diary. OK. OK. I admit it. He may have had a point about my split personality.

So, finally we have now reached agreement and reluctantly managed to reach consensus that I am, in fact, none of the above and I am, in actual fact, a fanzine.

Now just to get him to add me as an ‘Author’ in my own right.


The interminable bytestream that is ‘Fanzine in isolation’