Dear Reader

We had some great times on blogger together but all good things must come to an end.

I just feel we need a break from each another. I need some time to think and some personal space (on Wordpress) and there is no other ISP involved. Please - believe me.

The Web site hits were bubbling up nicely, the feedburner circulation peaked at 14 and we even had a couple of people referring to and commenting on this blog.

However, unfortunately my owner’s head has been turned by the use of ‘categories’, an RSS feed for ‘Comments’, trackback links which he still doesn’t understand and a new, trendy beta version of a blogging platform used by the Scobleizer (and Eddie Awad) so he has dumped me in favour of

Wordpress automatically provides a feed for the new blog from and a separate feed for comments (which is a nice idea) -

My owner also deleted and recreated the Feedburner feed despite the dire warnings (he was too stupid to fathom out the fancy auto-redirection) so may or may not still work or you might have to remove and recreate it.

After all we have been through, you still mean a lot to me and I hope that we can still be good friends.

All my love

The Blogger bytestream that was ‘Blog in isolation’