I have got an old radio cassette in my car with a aerial mounted in the rear windscreen. The MW reception is pretty poor and if you go under a bridge, the interference nearly makes your ears bleed. As I listen to Radio 5 Live quite a lot, this is rather irritating.

After months of prevaricating and thinking, I impetuously went out and bought a Sony DAB6650. This is a DAB radio (with FM/MW/LW as well) and a CD player. The unit looks and sounds great and I now have access to lots of different DAB stations.

Although I haven’t travelled that far yet, the digital sound quality is excellent, even in towns and under bridges.

The only slight downside is that the CD formats include MP3 or Atrac but does not include WMA. Unfortunately all my CD’s are ripped in WMA format but I have a handful also copied in Atrac format for my Sony MD player.