Well it’s been a while but tomorrow I will be resuming my battle with BAA security staff as I pack my thermal underwear for a chilly Stockholm (near Sweden) where I am hoping the Queen’s husband will greet me at the hotel reception.

I am giving a presentation (sorry, facilitating a workshop) imaginatively titled ‘Managing Siebel on Oracle’. This should be fun as this is completely new material and should include a lots of hands on practical work which inevitably will provoke a lot of questions and discussion.

Only one major decision is outstanding. Should I use the white (understated, lighter, easy on the eye) template or the (dark, moody, almost Gothic) black corporate template ?

Anyone who has seen Oracle presentations should know what I mean. Tom Kyte tends to use White. Most glossy S&M/keynotes use Black. Guess what - I think I have just solved my dilemma.