…not to bury them.

I have been unable to administer this blog for a couple of days. However, thanks to the unstinting efforts of Ryan and Donncha, I am pleased to say the problem is now resolved.

I was trapped inside a recursive, infinite, endless loop hell which severely tested my sense of humour after 28 minutes. In fact, I was positively irritated, frustrated and tending towards ‘annoyed’.

I was aware there were a few issues at WordPress following recent changes. Initially, I assumed my problems were related and just waited. However, then I saw people merrily posting away on their WordPress blogs (and not just Scobleizer who has a custom template and a dedicated server farm).

I tried a few things myself (cleared cookies, different browsers, different computers) but all to no avail. I started a self-help group for affected bloggers. I scanned digg, reddit, tailrank memorandum, Google (and the BBC World Service) in vain for mention of this catastrophe in the blogosphere.

I posted a few rapid fire entries on my new shiny blog (the soon to be, sadly, departed ‘whiteside.wordpress.com’). I thought up a fantastic new tag line - ‘interminable bytestream’. I used the Performancing for Firefox blog editor which was excellent and was also impressed by the recently released Metrics.

However, I persisted reading and posting to the WordPress support forum and eventually got into an email dialog with Ryan. His email actually ’thanked me for my report’ (as if I was somehow doing him a favour), apologised for ‘breaking my blog’ (as though I am a paying customer), described the progress so far (interesting) and assured me they were ’trying to put it right’ (reassuring).

And within a short period, they did.