That’s it. Enough procrastination. Finished.

I will use Microsoft Outlook to manage my email, contacts, tasks and calendar at work.

I will store work related and personal data in the same repository.

I will not store any data on a Web based service.

I will use Beyond Contacts (from DataViz) to synchronise my contacts, tasks and calendar to my aging but perfectly adequate monochrome Palm Vx.

I will either use old fashioned paper and cheap biros from leading hotel chains (I would only lose an expensive moleskin and fountain pen) or the Palm to capture stuff when I am at home, in transit, in a hostelry or away from my work computer.

I may also send emails to myself from my home computer to work.

I will manually manage my address book on my Nokia phone. This is more work for me but absolutely necessary because I dislike the Nokia PC Suite program so intensely.

I will capture my personal finances in Microsoft Money.

I will continue to use TiddlyWiki (in preference to OneNote and EverNote) to capture personal notes, jottings and information mainly because I like the sound of ‘reusable non-linear personal web notebook’ and it fits on a memory stick.

I will continue to keep Joomla in my thoughts.

I will no longer mock my wife for keeping lots of lists; ‘The only thing you need now is a list telling you where all your lists are’.