I will stop wasting time evaluating every RSS reader in the universe and simply revert to NewsGator Online. This will help me to read and enjoy content when I actually have the time and inclination. This will also stop me being distracted by that insidious ‘There is 1 new article’ irritant which just leads to skim reading lots of irrelevant material in a mindless urge to get ‘up to date’.

I will endeavour to constrain my list of feeds to those that I actually read and are of interest. The recent introduction of Technorati favo(u)rites proved to me that this number was indeed less than 50.

And finally, Cyril. And finally, Esther. I will unsubscribe immediately from Scobleizer’s blog. I am starting to feel like a mindless sheep. I know millions read it and discuss it. I subscribe to it and my eyes see the words but I don’t actually read it. He won’t mind. He has a big enough audience. Baa.