To the good people who were searching for answers and somehow blundered onto my blog, here is my considered response.

excuse for no homework

Sorry but please stay behind after class and write out 100 times ‘There is simply no excuse’. However, I sincerely hope you did indeed try your luck with my suggestion and would dearly love to know the outcome.

robbie fowler four times fingers

Hmm. Don’t tell me you turned off at half-time too ?

tom kyte london 2006

Unconfirmed but I would love it, absolutely love it.

benfica street map

Ask at the hotel desk. Tell them you have an important football match to watch.

can you convert existing car aerial to w

Sorry but WordPress tantalisingly truncated your question. See also ‘statspack truncated SQL query text’.


Naughty. And stop shouting.

krispy kreme doughnuts london waterloo

Eat yourself fitter.

what to know about baa security

IP address divulged to UK security services. Sorry but I am not a member of the ‘We are not afraid’ cult.

bbc boris chicken liverpool

Eh ? Seek help.

Best marketing campaigns ever

Well - did you agree with my verdict ?

new MOT test joke

Come on. I am holding my sides in anticipation.

persian kittens teething

You see. There are people out there who blog about Persian cats.

quickie at work

Tsk. Tsk.

accumulator principle

I hate to disappoint you but the only person getting rich from this program is the mentor.

avoid paying friends reunited

Oh come on, Janet. Surely you can afford 10 GBP to get my email address.

write query to produce statspack report

Don’t bother. Use ‘spreport.sql’.