Today is the 18 May 2020 and marks the 40th anniversary of when Ian Curtis took his own life so I was pleased to see that Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris are remembering the event - ‘Moving through Silence

I grew up in South Manchester and it’s hard to describe how important music and football were during my formative years.

I never saw Joy Division play live but some of my schoolmates did (‘He did this weird dance’). However, I have visited Curtis’ memorial in Macclesfield cemetery.

I’ve read all the books, avidly watched all the documentaries, seen all the films (’Control’) and watched all the YouTube interviews about Joy Division. It’s clear Ian Curtis was no angel and he was suffering from a horrible illness and maybe didn’t get the best treatment.

The constant, endless bitching between Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook is rather tedious and unsavoury but there’s no doubt that, 40 years on, the lyrics of Ian Curtis and his deep baritone on ‘Unknown Pleasures’ inspired many, many bands and remains quite haunting.