This blog uses Hugo and was previously hosted on Amazon S3 storage. The traffic and hence the costs were minimal (zero).

After recently having to completely re-install Arch Linux after an idiotic mistake, I realised that Hugo was out of date, my Hugo theme was out of date and I’d forgotten precisely how the deployment to S3 actually worked.

I was toying with taking my ball home in a mindless fit of pique, migrating 1,000 posts to Eleventy and I also looked at the Publii static site CMS with interest.

However, that would have been foolish as I already had a Hugo blog that worked fine. The problem was I never actually used it. It’s frictionless blogging but you have to actually produce content occasionally. The friction (for me at least) is typing the words in - not building, previewing and publishing the site.

So, in the great blog unification process, I resurrected all my historical blog posts, my very limited content on and deposited the lot into Hugo.

I changed the theme to PaperMod as it was a modern, clean, minimal, single column theme reminiscent of

The migration was pretty straightforward as all the existing posts were already in Markdown format and the YAML front matter just needed tweaking.

As I had used Hugo and Netlify for a friend’s conventional Web site, I took the opportunity to switch the blog from S3 to Netlify which gives me SSL support and is generally a ‘one click’ operation to push the content to GitHub and then publish on Netlify.