I work in IT and am vaguely technical. I use Linux and vaguely know how to program in C, Python, PL/SQL and install, configure and tune a variety of databases.

However, apart from the odd gratuitous post detailing my Linux desktop setup, I generally don’t post technical content and never have done.

I am slightly conflicted and feel guilty about this as I feel that I have learned so much from other people’s blog posts and, increasingly, videos that I should really try to reciprocate and offer something back to the community.

I think these are some reasons that I stubbornly refuse do so.

  1. Whatever the subject, whatever the technology, someone, somewhere at sometime has already posted about that subject. In addition, they have done so to such a very high standard, producing excellent content that I could never hope to match.

This is a very lazy attitude and a convenient excuse which is easy to adopt. However, there will always be something that you know that other people would be interested to learn about. Normally, it doesn’t really matter whether other folk have already covered the same subject matter a hundred times as you will always have a different viewpoint and maybe express it in a different way which will be valuable to others.

For example, I read whitepapers, subscribe to blogs and watch videos about Oracle APEX and although, seemingly they may cover the same functional area, I normally manage to glean some useful information from each and every one. Most of the core technical content might be repeated but almost always, the author has a little extra to add - something I hadn’t previously thought of and is new and relevant to me.

  1. I constantly worry about the quality of the content. I also worry that I would post incorrect or misleading information. I work for Oracle Corporation. I don’t particularly want people pointing out glaring deficiencies or errors in my blog posts that is then circulated to a wider audience (‘Christ - this clown actually works for Oracle and he doesn’t even understand Materialised Views’) - and worse, potentially back to colleagues

Again, this is a rather lazy attitude, the obvious solution to which would be check and double check your content so it is accurate, correct and beyond reproach. But that would take time and effort.

  1. I am innately very lazy. Some technical subjects can be usefully described in a text only format on a blog but Oracle APEX is a Web based application framework so obviously screenshots (or even video format) would be preferable to fully describe the subject matter.

Clearly, posting an set of screenshots is possible but the logistics of recording a video complete with audio fills me with dread and again, would be time consuming.

Posting useful, accurate content on technical subjects would require some commitment and take time. My manager would probably rather I concentrate on my day job rather than post a series of introductory posts aimed at aspiring Python programmers.

Also, when I finish work, I tend to turn the computer off. It’s not really my idea of fun to sit down in front of my screen for another two hours writing about how to configure Web Source Modules in APEX.