Sunday 26 April

Wife cut my hair. Probably not as good as the lady who visits us at home but my sideburns no longer resemble those of a 1970’s George Best. Fringe is sub-optimal but who cares. Not me.

Another walk in Richmond Park. Entered at Kingston Gate, walked up to Isabella Plantation car park and back again.

Don’t know how many steps or distance but it takes us about an hour.

Wife painted (most of) the lounge. The fact that the circle behind the wall clock was a darker blue than the rest of the room inexplicably bothered her.

It didn’t bother me one jot so I made myself scarce by washing her car and vacuuming the interior. Somehow she had contrived to park somewhere under a tree and the vehicle looked like it had been on safari through the Serengeti national park (i.e. coated in bird muck). Some of it needed scraping off with my fingers. Which was nice.

4pm saw ‘Street Bingo’. A neighbour rigged up a small amplifier and we all crossed numbers off a grid. Someone got the first line, someone else got the entire grid (‘House’). This was followed by a quiz of ‘Five things’.

Five Harry Potter books, five Beatles songs, five characters from ‘Friends’ etc. The teenage kids enjoyed it. We didn’t win at bingo and didn’t win a single round of the quiz but we enjoyed a glass of wine in the sun and chatting with our immediate neighbours.

We are now best friends forever after they had kindly bought us six Magnum ice-creams as a trade for the use of our Karcher high-pressure water jetwash to clean their patio.