bringing order to chaos - maybe

Frustratingly, I can’t locate it now but I recently saw a post on Mastodon from someone who had great difficulty creating a new file in his ‘Documents’ folder. This struck me as very amusing but I think the point he was trying to express was that his ‘Documents’ directory is a disorganised, unstructured, cluttered mess of files so he is incredibly reluctant and can barely bring himself to compound the issue further by typing ‘vi linux-notes....

May 13, 2020

life with Emacs

birth At the tantalising climax of the last episode, I was invited by Steve for a whistle-stop tour of Emacs. Steve explained that the main reason he used Emacs was pure laziness. Naturally, this immediately got my attention. He explained: ‘I’m lazy. It’s not a fault. It’s a fact. Most decent programmers are lazy. You’re lazy’. ‘Hang on, just a minute ! What do you mean - I’m lazy ?’...

October 21, 2016

a thing of rare beauty

Monochrome screenshot from the wget mailing list featuring Emacs and Supercite circa 1997.

October 11, 2006

in praise of Emacs

Been using Emacs for years but still learning M-x sort-lines M-x delete-trailing-whitespace I knew about the first command but not the second. Very handy to tidy up an ugly SQL*Plus spool file.

May 22, 2006