‘I Am Not Lefthanded’ are a band who produce the most wonderful music. The band are a three piece - mainly from Ireland - and the lineup is:

  • Kathryn - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Daniel - bass, vocals
  • Benji - drums

‘I Am Not Lefthanded’ have released a couple of EP’s and are currently putting the finishing touches to their first album - ‘The Fire And The Sigh’.

It’s hard to categorise ‘I Am Not Lefthanded’ but they produce beautiful melodies with the most fantastic vocals and lyrics. The band’s music and videos are available on their site so have a listen and make your own mind up.

The band will be playing in London at Bush Hall on Friday 23 September at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush for an excellent cause.

I fell in love with the band’s music since I first heard them on Dan Lynch’s excellent Rathole Radio podcast which showcases a eclectic mix of Creative Commons music.

Since then, I’ve bought both EP’s in addition to some very stylish IANL socks. I also managed to persuade Kathryn and Daniel to introduce the new wonderful single ‘Alone’ on episode 6 of the award winning, legendary ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Flushed, surprised and delighted by this achievement, I then chanced my arm and asked Kathryn and Daniel if they would consider an ‘interview’ where I sent them miscellaneous random questions via email which they would then scan and answer.

Needless to say - Kathryn and Daniel kindly acceded to my demands for an interview - probably in an effort to rid themselves of this mad stalker.

I was ecstatic that Kathryn and Daniel took time out of their busy schedules to provide such detailed, lengthy, considered answers (instead of quick, trite one-liners) and, hopefully, the ‘interview’ makes fascinating reading.

Anyway, combined with my inane ramblings, the final result is rather long so I have split the interview into two parts: