People never ask me ‘Hey Norman - what modules have you installed thus far on this wonderful Drupal 7 powered blog ?’

  • Archive - monthly archives.

  • Disqus - although I had some problems with this module so I am currently using a simple Disqus block.

  • Global Redirect - ensures that ’node/1234’ is redirected to ‘2010/21/22/blog-post’.

  • Google Analytics - mandatory to torment myself over visitors statistics using GA.

  • Markdown Filter - although I haven’t fully embraced this yet. Old (raw HTML) habits die hard.

  • Mollom - Disqus provides built-in spam protection but I use Mollom to guard the user registration and contact forms which is very effective.

  • Pathauto - to map Drupal nodes to my date based permalink structure.

  • Token - required by Pathauto

  • Tagadelic - marvellous, configurable, graphic ‘Tags’ page to aid Bill’s navigation of this site.

  • Wysiwyg - evaluating various options but not found nirvana as yet.

  • XML sitemap - produces search engine friendly sitemap.

I also modified the ‘page.tpl.php’ template to reinstate my wonderful, award winning rotating tagline (or slogan in Drupal terminology).

Curiously, I haven’t enabled the D7 core ‘blog’ module as I don’t need multi-user blogs. Each post is simply an ‘Article’.