Apart from a short-lived crisis of confidence - after losing a Draft post, I spontaneously migrated this blog to Wordpress as an interim hop before completing 99% of a full blown migration to Django-Mingus which I then immediately discarded - I have used Habari as my preferred blogging platform for two and a half years.

It’s been a while since the last major Habari release (0.6) but, because I run the latest 0.7 development code (using SubVersion), the lengthy gap and absence of a formal 0.7 release didn’t particularly bother me.

However, the 0.6.4 release is pretty dated now and lots of new features have been added and bugs fixed in the intervening 18 months. Also, I think there are potential developers who are keen to get the latest and greatest version of Habari so I was pleased to see that the Habari project released a ‘0.7 Developer Release’ yesterday.