This conversation didn’t actually take place but it could have.

Last week, friends and I were discussing µblogging in the pub. Well not µblogging exactly but two ladies had recently discovered Facebook and were talking about the pros and cons of this wonderful social network.

One lady said: ‘Oh and another thing - I really don’t like the ‘Jenny is…’ status update. I just don’t get it.'

The other lady replied ‘Yeah - that bit is stupid. I am hardly going to write down ‘Marilyn is…just off to Asda for the weekend shop'.

I then interjected: ‘But you don’t have to put down minutiae after the ‘is…’ part’. You can put anything. For example, I might choose to write

‘Norman is….seriously considering jacking his job in, pursuing his dream and opening a record shop'.

They looked at me as though as I was mad. My mate sighed and said ‘Right

  • who’s up for another ?'

Jenny stared at me as though I had two heads and said ‘What ? You’re going to open a record shop ? In these tense and difficult times. Are you serious ?'