Recently, I started messing around with DokuWiki as a replacement for Google Notebook (which Google have helpfully decided to ditch) and Diigo (after the well publicised and unfortunate collapse of another cloud bookmarking service - ma.gnolia).

In recent months I have also contributed to the Habari Wiki (MediaWiki), looked briefly at WikkaWiki and read Michael’s interesting, thought provoking article about his Wiki nirvana wishlist with interest.

Last night, a throwaway post by Douglass Clem about TiddlyWiki resurrected my interest in my own long neglected, unloved local TiddlyWiki which I then upgraded to the latest version and then pondered consolidating that content into DokuWiki.

Today, a couple of colleagues expressed an interest in a group wiki at work for knowledge management so I have just requested a hosted TWiki (which coincidentally is being upgraded tonight) behind the Oracle corporate firewall. I am curious to see whether it will fare any better then the placeholder, skeleton Siebel page, I carefully seeded when Oracle first launched the official, public Oracle Wiki (Wetpaint) nine months ago.

And now, I discover that today, Wednesday 25 March 2009 is the Wiki’s 14th birthday.

You may say ‘So what ?’ and attribute all of that to pure coincidence.

You may not find that spooky and disconcerting but I do.