Dear Prudence

That’s excellent news. I am glad to hear you have managed to get PDO installed and now have Habari up and running on your site.

As for how I happened to stumble across your site, well….

There’s an army of committed, passionate Habari enthusiasts who routinely conduct Twitter, Web and blog searches for every single mention of the word ‘Habari’.

In addition, one of the primary responsibilities of the mysterious organisation - the Cabal - is to infiltrate Government intelligence agencies worldwide (GCHQ, NSA, Mossad, KGB) and access transcripts of all mobile phone conversations and SMS text messages. Sophisticated AI algorithms (grep with regular expressions) are then used to mine that data, searching for Habari related terms.

Then whenever we identify anyone using Habari, we leave a ‘Welcome to Habari. Enjoy the ride’ comment on the blog.

If people are having problems, we desperately marshall all available technical resources try to assist and claw them back from the abyss.

And if we discover individuals who have tried, failed, given up in disgust and gone back to Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, well we pay them a personal visit and shoot them :-)

Peace, love, empathy

The Habari Evangelist.