After over five varied and enjoyable years working for Siebel (and then Oracle) in Expert Services, I am changing jobs. However, I will continue to work for Oracle as part of the group responsible for ‘Social CRM’.

Although this was a internal transfer, my interview process was quite unusual. Instead of being forced to massage my CV into Microsoft Word format and send an email attachment to a faceless recruitment agency, I was able to publish my CV using Google Docs and the whole interview process was conducted by telephone.

A colleague had already thoughtfully pointed my prospective manager to a blog entry that was loosely relevant and he also was keen to review more technical oriented content on my Siebel related blog.

As an aside, you can only imagine the feelings and thoughts that flooded into my brain when my colleague uttered the immortal words: ‘Hey Andy, I’ve given your <prospective new manager> a pointer to a couple of articles on your blog.’

The role will mean a few changes for me:

  • I will now revert to having difficulty explaining to friends and relatives what I actually do.
  • I will probably spend less time in airport lounges and more time with my family. Norma has already expressed grave reservations about this element of my career change.
  • My manager will be in a different continent and timezone.
  • I will be contributing to a corporate blog for the first time which will necessitate a slight shift in subject matter, terminology and slightly less of my dry, cynical, off the wall, British sense of humour although I do intend to maintain this personal blog.

I am currently tidying up a few loose ends in Expert Services and embarking on a emotional, sell-out, European farewell tour to all my favourite Siebel customers so I won’t actually be starting my new role until mid-October but it will be an exciting change for me and I’m really looking forward to it.