Holidays are a time blissfully free of the modern distractions of computers, mobile phones, games consoles, televisions and a time for the family to spend some quality time together and eventually fall out.

Inevitaby, this leads to varied, interesting, thought provoking discussions. During the Brightside annual vacation in Venice, the following thorny questions were posed:

  • If you immersed yourself in a foreign country, how long would it take for you to become proficient in the language ?
  • If there was a 15 km stretch of beach resort including hundreds of young people, bars and restaurants in England, how many riot police would be required ?
  • If soldier ants are so damn clever, how come they didn’t land on the moon first ?
  • When the bus was forced into that emergency stop, was it the German tourist or the Italian bus driver who screamed ‘BASTARD’ ?
  • What’s the Italian for ‘Cornetto’ ?
  • If mosquitoes could be trained to attack people with the same blood group, would the bites be rendered harmless ?