Two weeks ago, I made my annual pilgrimage to the Surbiton Trophy where I enjoyed a day in the sun watching an excellent Men’s Final between Frank Dancevic and Kevin Anderson.

Norman Junior III also plays tennis at Surbiton albeit not to such a high standard. In the lull between the main event and the Men’s Doubles Final, Norman Junior III and the juniors came on to entertain a handful of spectators on the two main courts, performing some standard drills with their coaches.

After two hours on court on a blisteringly hot day, I expected the winner, Frank Dancevic, to hoist the trophy for the obligatory photo, pocket his cheque and beat an hasty retreat to get a shower and a cold drink. However, much to my surprise, Dancevic joined in with the boys and girls playing with some 6 year olds on a quarter size court with orange balls.

Dancevic was absolutely brilliant with the kids, laughing and joking and even throwing in some grunts if he struggled to make a return. He then rallied with some up and coming teenagers who were very keen to score a point off the professional. Even after the fun session was over, Frank still made more time available to chat and sign the kids’ tennis bags.

Last night, on Court 1 at Wimbledon, there was a minor shock as Frank Dancevic beat David Nalbandian in straight sets (6-4, 6-2, 6-4). Nalbandian was the 7th seed for Wimbledon while Dancevic is ranked 98 in the world and unseeded.

Well played Frank and good luck in the next round against Bobby Reynolds.