Oracle AppsLab is one of my longest standing and favourite blogs.

Jake Kuramoto (and the AppsLab team) always post interesting and thought provoking articles and I also share a few areas of common interest (Twitter, Disqus, FriendFeed et al).

Although I happen to work for the same company as Jake Kuramoto, I have never actually met Jake in person. Curiously, I have had more interactions with Jake by commenting on the blog as opposed to communications via Oracle email.

When I read this recent post announcing a new version of Oracle Connect (an internal networking initiative within Oracle behind the corporate firewall), my immediate reaction was: ‘Why did he post this to the AppsLab blog ? Why on earth would this possibly be relevant, or of interest, to non Oracle employees ?’

Then I realised such internal developments are of interest to a wider audience as it demonstrates Oracle’s committment to ‘Web 2.0’ technologies.

I also pondered how long it would have taken me to find out about this upgrade if I wasn’t subscribed to the AppsLab blog.

There is a certain irony in finding out about internal developments within Oracle on a public blog.